Public Policy & Technical Assistance


Serving justice professionals, decision makers, and service providers in communities throughout Michigan.

Research and Evaluation
The council monitors, assesses and evaluates state and local prevention efforts; criminal and juvenile justice policy and programs; and provides recommendations for research-based improvements.

The council educates the public through the development and dissemination of public awareness campaigns, criminal and juvenile justice data, newsletters, issue papers and policy statements, trainings and conferences.

Program Development
MCCD accesses gaps in prevention, sanctions and services continuum at state and local levels. The Council recommends, and in some cases develops model programs to address victimization.

The Council supports the development of effective justice policy at the federal, state and local levels, particularly policies which serve to prevent criminal and delinquent behavior.

Consultation and Technical Assistance
The Council provides professional assistance and services to local communities and statewide organizations in identifying and remedying justice related problems.