Juvenile Justice

Michigan Juvenile Justice Collaborative

Far too many of Michigan's most vulnerable children - particularly those affected by trauma, abuse, neglect, mental illness and disability - either drift into or are referred into a juvenile justice system that is inappropriate and ill equipped to serve their needs.

The Michigan Juvenile Justice Collaborative will work to advance policies and practices that prevent delinquency, promote rehabilitation, and support transitional services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system and will raise awareness about the need for best practices that are equitable and just.

Act4JJ provides the most up-to-date information on the reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.  The JJDPA is the primary source of federal funding to ensure that Michigan is effectively implementing the following core protections:

  • Deinstitutionalization of status offenders
  • Removal from adult jail and lock-up
  • Sight and sound separation
  • Reduction of disproportionate minority contact

MJJC Mission & Objectives

MJJC 2010 Policy Priorities

Juvenile Justice Statistics

Adolescent Development

Cost-effective Community-based Models

Designing a System of Care

Realigning Fiscal Resources

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Trying Kids as Adults

Collateral Consequences