The following bills are being considered during the 2010 Legislative Session.  For more information, visit www.legislature.mi.gov or scroll down to read MCCD's positions.
(House Bills 5174-5175, 5482-5489)
Defines and creates guidelines to evaluate and address juvenile competency to proceed in delinquency hearings.
Passed House Judiciary Committee (6/9/10)
Referred to House Judiciary Subcommittee on Mental Health (7/14/09)
(House Bills 4518, 4594-4596)
Prohibits juveniles under the age of 18 for being sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and revises parole eligibility for juveniles sentenced as adults.
Referred to House Judiciary (3/5/09)
Public Defense Reform
(House Bill 5676)
Establishes a public defense system that are state-funded and meet national standards.
Referred to House Judiciary, Subcommittee on Indigent Defense
(House Bill 4314)
Ensures that a child consults with a lawyer before waiving right to counsel.
Passed House Judiciary Committee (1/20/10)
Prohibiting harassment and bullying in schools
(House Bill 5480)
Requires school districts to develop clear policies and procedures to address harassment and bullying in schools.  They are encouraged to include provisions regarding education, parental involvement, reporting, investigation, and intervention. 
Passed House Education Cmte (4/29/10)
(Senate Bill 827)
Ensures that people in prison serve no less than 100 percent and no more than 120 percent of their court imposed minimum sentence (i.e. earliest release date), except for offenders sentenced for offenses that carry a maximum life sentence.
Expunging fingerprints/ arrest cards for dismissed juvenile cases
(House Bill 5995)
Requires that fingerprints and arrest cards be destroyed for cases in which a juvenile completes a probationary period resulting in case dismissal.
Passed House Judiciary (3/31/10)
Consent Calendar:  The Michigan Supreme Court is continuing to investigate the proper role of the consent calendar in juvenile proceedings, and has ordered a workgroup to develop, in the next six months, possible statutory change to accommodate the process.
Underage Drinking
(Senate Bill 408)
Exempts minors seeking alcohol treatment for alcohol related offense.
Referred to Senate Judiciary (3/25/09)
DHS Budget
(Senate Bill 0248)
Sets DHS budget for 2009-2010.
Received by Senate and referred to Appropriations (9/9/09)
Budget's Effect on Juvenile Justice
Effective January 1, 2010 Nokomis Challenge Center and remaining community juvenile justice centers are closed.