MCCD Staff

Elizabeth Arnovits, Executive Director
Beth has been involved in crime control and prevention efforts at the local, state and federal levels since 1975. She is a graduate of the Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice. Her experience as an organizer of various national, state and local coalitions has provided Beth with a comprehensive understanding of political and practical aspects of community organizing and advocacy efforts. She has been recognized at the national and state levels for her public policy and planning efforts. She started her career as a community liaison for a Model Cities Community Center Program where she was involved in direct services for juvenile and adult offenders.

As Executive Director of the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency, she has organized coalitions of citizens and professionals to advocate for reforms in policies that affect children and adults involved in the justice systems. Currently she is leading MCCD’s partnership with the Michigan Department of Corrections on implementing the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI). She is a founding member and co-chair of the National Juvenile Justice Network and the Michigan Collaborative on Juvenile Justice Reform (MCJJR). She has advanced training in balanced and restorative justice, communications, volunteer recruitment, coalition building, group facilitation, public relations and fundraising, and is a certified prevention trainer.

Robert Burroughs, Training and Technical Assistance Director
Robb is the Training and Technical Assistance Director at MCCD. He is currently responsible for the planning and implementation of training and technical assistance to build the capacity of the local communities implementing the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative.

Robb has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan with a concentration in social policy and evaluation with communities and social systems. At MCCD, he has led efforts in the area of delinquency prevention, developed data collection, reporting, and strategic planning tools for agencies and community groups, and engaged in strategic planning efforts to increase the safety and well-being of individuals and communities throughout Michigan.

Andrea King Collier, Communications Consultant
Andrea King Collier is a senior marketing and public relations professional with experience in consumer, social and health care marketing. She also has a broad base of experience in developing effective programming in medical, health care and public policy issues for targeted and hard to reach markets.

Collier has worked with consumer products companies and in social marketing campaigns on message development and delivery to segmented markets. She has also helped shape health care policy messages for organizations such as the Michigan Department of Public Health, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, and the American Cancer Society.

She has conducted focus groups on philanthropy and volunteerism, and child abuse and neglect. She brings expertise in using a variety of communications tools to bring awareness to diverse audiences.

In addition, Collier is an accomplished freelance writer, and has published two books.

Mary Taylor, Executive Assistant
Mary’s twenty-two year administrative and technical experience is an asset to our organization. Mary is the MCCD Executive Assistant. In that position, Mary provides program support to all MCCD staff and oversees agency administrative functions. Mary has held and holds positions as a Computer and Software Trainer and in Professional Development and Consulting. At MCCD Mary provides all computer support and is the MCCD Webmaster.

Pamela VanDreumel, Finance Director
Pamela has an extensive bookkeeping and financial background. She has worked for MCCD since 1986. As Financial Director, Pamela is responsible for all government financial reporting, benefit administration,
monthly accounting, for all federal, state, and local grants and contracts, payroll, and W-2’s, as well as assisting in the yearly audit. Pamela has training and certification in financial management and software. She provides ongoing support to all program staff on resource allocations.

FCS Staff

Florida Andrews, Family and Community Services Director                                                                                  
Florida has been involved in the area of criminal justice and human services since 1981. As Director of MCCD’s Family and Community Services Division (FCS), Florida oversees all MCCD programming for the children of offenders. Since being hired in 1990, she has helped FCS grow from a one person operation to a fully staff multi-service division of MCCD, located in Wayne County. Florida serves on numerous committees and coalitions. She has an extensive background working in the justice system. She is an affiliate member of the Michigan State Bar Association and active in the National Legal Aid and Defender Association and the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Michigan Specialists.
Florida has worked on a number of Death penalty cases; the highest profile case being out of Baltimore, MD, Which became a “made for TV” movie. Florida received national recognition for her work with children and families when she and her program were featured on CBS 48 Hours. As well as invitations to appear as a guest on talk shows. Florida has a passion for her work as is exemplified in her position as director of the Family and Community Services division of CCD. Florida oversees and directs the program and supervises the staff. This program has grown from a Project of the Council CVP (Children’s Visitation Program), to fully staffed operation located in Wayne County; having various services within the program. 

Julie Page, FCS Case Manager
Julie joined the Family and Community Services staff in 2005 and oversees our literacy program. This program provides incarcerated mothers and her children the opportunity to improve literacy skills in reading and writing. Julie attends the Saturday visits where she oversees and assists the mothers in implementing the lesson plans. Julie also facilitates the family reunification services at FCS and conducts family assessment and treatment plans and parenting class participation. Julie has a background inn working with “at risk” youth in her previous positions: Joy of Jesus Help Source, Inc. and the Maxey School for Boys where she worked as a Case Worker.                                                                                                                           

Dawn Taylor, FCS Case Manager
Dawn has been with MCCD’s Family and Community Services Division since 1991. Dawn served as the Transportation Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. Dawn’s responsibilities include overseeing the Saturday visits and coordinating and training the driver/escort teams who transport the 25-30 children visiting their mothers each Saturday. Dawn is the evening “on call” Case Manager who handles the Needs Assessments of the non Wayne County clients and transports clients to various meetings, appointments, etc. Dawn facilitates the support groups for the children and transfers information to the Case Manager of the pertinent case. Dawn has a background in Human Resources and attended Michigan State University; graduating in 1987 and continues to pursue a higher education degree at the University of Michigan.