MCCD - Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency

MCCD Membership

MCCD is a tax deductable, not-for-profit organization. Member support enables us to continue to provide public information, policy analysis, research and evaluation, and technical assistance services to state and local government, service providers, and citizens’ groups regarding the criminal and juvenile justice systems at work in this state. It also enables us to take leadership initiatives in developing innovative, efficient, and preventative solutions to our society’s justice problems.

Membership Categories:

Individual Membership benefits include: bi-monthly electronic E-Bulletins featuring best practice and promising approach programs, policy briefs, of note articles, and research updates; discounts on MCCD publications and conferences; and information and referral services.

Organizational benefits include: all of the Individual benefits PLUS,up to 6 additional memberships (your staff or volunteers), and percentage discounts on technical assistance services.

Organizational Rates:
Corporate ($250K+ budget) $150.00 (Includes 6 Additional Memberships)
Group II ($100-$249K budget) $100.00 (Includes 4 Addtional Memberships)
Group I ($0-$100K budget) $75.00 (Includes 3 Additional Memberships)

Individual Rates:
Patron $50.00
Sponsor $35.00
REGULAR $20.00
Senior/Student $10.00
Incarcerated $5.00

Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency Children's Services Division
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